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Nasreen’s story 

"As I walked through the front door of Hemat Gryffe Womens Aid I had lost all faith and confidence in myself and the voluntary system helping women in my situation. I had been broken down mentally, emotionally and physically. I had walked to many voluntary agencies looking for answers and help only to be moved on and around until I was worn down. My head felt heavy and my heart was sinking. I was in no state of mind to make sense of all the information. My emotional state of mind was no more. My children needed me to help them. I arrived at Hemat Gryffe hoping that I could find relief and support along with answers to the “100” questions in my head.

The staff WERE caring and approachable. They allowed me to have the “breakdown” I needed soon after I arrived. THEY were able to access all the agencies required to help me from THEIR OWN CENTRE. The STAFF WERE sensitive and patient with me and respected my needs and my confidentiality. Most importantly they had support for my children thus allowing me to focus on the major aspects of rebuilding my life. MORE IMPORTANTLY, they helped me to help myself.

Hemat Gryffe gave me Hope to believe in myself. They helped to restore my self confidence and taught me to take one day at a time. A simple thought yet easily forgotten at a time of sadness and heartache. They provided an “Umbrella” of protection and safety along with patience and sensitivity. They showed me how to deal with the endless forms and paperwork answered my questions and were able to ACCOMPANY me for any legal, homeless or personal matters. Without Hemat Gryffe I would have crumbled under the pressures of my broken personal life and my children would have suffered deeply and emotionally. They literally gave me and my children the ability to breathe safely again. I shudder to think of all the time and effort I wasted trying to find answers AND keep my job when I could have simply accessed everything under one roof.

Hemat Gryffe is that ONE place! IT IS THAT ONE ROOF WHERE WOMEN CAN FEEL SAFE AND PROTECTED. It is an organisation where women from black and ethnic backgrounds can access specialised help should they be experiencing domestic abuse. It is a place where women can have Hope, Help and Understanding and feel safe again to REBULID THEIR LIFE."

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