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What our Children and young peoples had to say

“The first time I came to refuge I was scared leaving my Dad alone, scared of all the people and upset. Then I thought the refuge was good, I liked the workers and the kids they were superb and amazing. The play flat is good. You can tell your own feelings to your worker. The workers are friendly and helpful. It’s not scary. It’s the best refuge where you can share your feelings and have some fun. It’s a good place where I came to stay away from trouble. I feel I made friendships with the kids. We have fabulous trips. They are the best for example M and D’s”
(Boy 9)

“I’m from Glasgow but I am half Indian and half Scottish. I like Glasgow very much because it’s a beautiful place. Here it is very cold; sometimes it’s a hot summers day and sometimes cold. I like the refuge because it is very helpful because if people were upset so they can come to this refuge anyone can help us it is very important. I like the play room because it’s very helpful so that any worker can help all children to make them happy cause if you don’t that so they have nothing to be fun. I like it here and I have nice people to talk you in here. If nobody talks to me so that mean the people was so sad. I enjoy it here at hemat gryffe womens aid.”
(Girl 7)

“I am 11 years old. I enjoy it here at hemat gryffe women’s aid. The children’s workers are very nice they take us out on trips. The other workers are very helpful a well because they ensure your safety and if you need anything they will see to it, I also enjoy the playroom and the neighbours, the refuge is a safe hideout/safe house. When I first came to the refuge I felt sorry for my mum and what happened to her.”
(Boy 11)


“I came to the refuge a couple of weeks ago. So far I have enjoyed it is really fun there is a play room that has loads of games, activities and loads of trips. I have met two nice boys who are now my best friends. I feel really happy this place really puts a smile on your face.”
(Boy 10)


“I am happy staying in this refuge with my mum in our own flat. I have made new friends in my new school. Children’s workers are very helpful with my school work and I enjoy going to the park cinema with them. Hopefully we will get a new house very soon.”
(Girl 13)

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